Personal Belongings

Personal clothing brought to the hospital should be easy to care for and machine washable. Only four or five sets of personal clothing should be brought. Families will be notified if additional clothing is needed. The individual will also need personal grooming and hygiene products. If individuals are unable to provide these, some commonly used grooming items are available at the hospital. No glass containers, aerosol cans, products that contain alcohol, or any other potentially dangerous items will be allowed.

1. Individuals only need to bring five (5) sets of washable outer clothing and underwear. In addition, the individual should bring sleep wear and a robe; one pair of house shoes and one pair of casual soft-soled shoes; socks or hose; and a jacket or sweater.

2. Toiletry articles on Inpatient Services should be packaged in plastic containers. Glass containers, razors, and other potentially dangerous items will be locked in a secure area and can only be used under staff supervision.

3. Individuals will need some funds for snacks and other personal needs but are advised not to bring large sums of money or un-deposited benefit checks. EMSH will not store or accept responsibility for jewelry, furniture or household goods, or other items that are expensive or have sentimental value.

4. The individuals clothing and personal possessions will be checked during the pre-admissions process, and excess clothing or other unapproved items will be returned to the deputy to take back to the community. Please inform the families or other involved parties about the policy to avoid problems and delays at the time of admission.