EMSH Friends Organization was first organized and chartered September 3, l987, and was reorganized August 6, l990. As a result of this reorganization, the EMSH Friends purpose was established and the original bylaws were revised.

The primary goal of EMSH Friends is to educate the general public about mental illness and the needs of the mentally ill and to promote the programs of East Mississippi State Hospital.

EMSH Friends now has a 300-plus membership made up of family members and friends of IRS, business and professional people, civic and service groups and employees of East Mississippi State Hospital.

Membership dues are only $5.00 a year. All dues and profits benefit EMSH employees and individuals receiving services. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Chad Peavy at 601-581-7878.

You may want to simply download, print and fill out the Membership Application Form and mail it in with your $5.00 dues to:
E.M.S.H. Friends Organization
C/O Chad Peavy
P.O. Box 4128 West Station
Meridian, MS 39304-4128

The Application Form is in .PDF format and is opened and read in the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have the reader you can download it free at www.adobe.com.

1. To promote interest in EMSH.
2. To inform families of individuals receiving services at EMSH of hospital programs and activities.
3. To promote understanding of mental health and the needs of the mentally ill.
4. To encourage support of EMSH from the state legislature, civic and social groups, churches and individuals in the EMSH service area.
5. To raise funds for EMSH projects that will improve the quality of life for the Individuals Receiving Services(IRS).
6. To promote employee recognition and appreciation events at EMSH.

Officers and Board Members:
Vanessa Duett, President
Terri Odom, Vice President
Lynn Garrett, Treasurer
Chad Peavy, Secretary
Patricia Hart, Community Representative
Betty Smith, Community Representative
Andre Davis, Community Representative
Elizabeth Labiche, Community Representative
Ted Spencer, Employee Representative
Rita Brown, Employee Representative
Jimmie Butler, Employee Representative