Policies and Procedures

1. In all applications for admission, screening is required. These procedures are generally coordinated through the mental health center or the courts. If the pre-evaluation screening at the mental health center suggests a commitment examination is warranted, an examination must be done by either two (2) physicians or by a licensed certified psychologist. If in-patient treatment is recommended or other setting the judge will make a decision based on all the evidence presented. However, we also receive referrals from physicians, psychiatrists, family members and other community service providers.

2. When the Individual Requesting Services is committed to a behavioral health program, all required court documents along with supporting documentation such as the pre-screening form, certificates of two (2) physicians, etc., to the hospital Admissions Office for by the Chancery Court or referring agency for review. If an acute medical condition is reported, copies of medical reports and tests are requested in order for the admitting physician to review prior to the admission.

3. Careful assessment is made of referrals for persons who are elderly in order to determine the appropriateness and availability of services to meet the needs of the individual. Mississippi Commitment statutes state that we should not admit anyone whose primary problem is the physical disabilities associated with old age that includes Senile Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

4. EMSH does not provide services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Individuals may be referred for diagnostic evaluation when exhibiting psychotic behavior, at which time we would admit for short term evaluation and treatment only.

5. If a bed space on the appropriate unit is not available at the time of the admission inquiry, the individual is placed on the waiting list and the referring party is notified by telephone when appropriate space is available. However, if a referral is received in reference to an emergency, an evaluation is made and if it is determined to be an emergency, all efforts are made to expedite the admission. Keep in mind that even emergencies must have a full court commitment. Court ordered individuals always have precedence over voluntary referrals.

6. Types of commitment orders accepted for admission as are as follows:


1. Chancery Court Order
2. Voluntary Admission (Certificate of 2 Physicians)
3. Tribal Court Order issued by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians (has to comply with the regular commitment status).
4. Out Individuals Receiving Services(IRS) Commitment Order (initiated by treatment team and courts).
5. Transfer from another behavioral health program operated under DMH.